One braving forward with the capitalism flag in hand, the other building its brand on creative ideas, on the next day of AFM,

two Hollywood magazines invariably used Chinese symbols on their covers: the Chinese businessman Wang Jianlin and the Chinese animation film Kung Food,

each represents a different path of Chinese films’ globalization journey


Unlike Wang Jianlin’s enormous capital export, Yi Animation Inc exports Chinese values and culture in the form of ingenuity and

hard work of Chinese animation artists and filmmakers through innovative ideas and superb art expression.


Kung Food is the epitome of Chinese animation films’ development and progress in recent years, and the inevitable result of China’s film market growth.

The film conveys Chinese traditional food culture and universal values.

It combines food cultures from all over the world.

There are food cooking procedures that will make foodies watering their mouths and feeling the tingle of their taste buds.

And there are also exciting special effects.

Kung Food will be a cultural fest that makes foodies all over the world feeling hungry, a gourmet film that gives taste soul to food.

The film is expected to premiere in China by the end of 2017 with simultaneous release in the world.

At the Cannes Film Festival and other major international film festivals,

the world’s leading distribution agents have expressed their love and expectations of the film,

and all expressed their intention of purchase its distribution rights in their own country